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Fordam University Takes Back Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree

Just because Bill Cosby’s rape allegations aren’t exactly front page news anymore doesn’t mean the stories aren’t still effecting him and his legacy. 

According to Times, Fordham University has decided to join the long list of institutions that have cut ties with the former actor by taking back his honorary degree.

Bill Cosby was originally awarded the degree back in 2001 for his role in being the trendsetter for blacks being seen on American television but now the only mark made is he is now the first person to ever get a degree rescinded at the University. 

Fordham President Joseph M. McShane said in a statement sent home to students and staff:

“By his own admission, Mr. Cosby’s sexual exploitation of women was premeditated and ongoing. Equally appalling is his longtime strategy of denigrating the reputations of women who accused him of such actions. That Mr. Cosby was willing to drug and rape women for his sexual gratification, and further damage those same women’s reputations and careers to obscure his guilt, hurt not only his victims, but all women, and is beyond the pale.”

The vote came in through the school’s Board of Trustees unanimously as they felt his actions were both “unambiguously dishonorable” and had a  “deep impact.”

McShane says that as a Jesuit institution the University has no choice but to cut all acquaintances with Cosby which includes taking about his degree. 

Bill Cosby is still haunted by his admission of offering women drugs in order to have sex with them, even though he has yet to be charged with rape, he is already seen as guilty in many people’s eyes. Let’s vast below !


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Sources Sited: Times


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