Angelique Bates Recalls Assault & Verbal Abuse On 'All That' Set

Former ‘All That’ Star Angelique Bates Alleges She Was Spat On & Verbally Abused On Set Of Nickelodeon Show

Former ‘All That’ cast member Angelique Bates asserts she was bullied, assaulted and verbally abused on the set of the hit television show.

The Blast reports, that the 43-year-old was embarrassed during filming. In addition, her mother was allegedly sexually propositioned by a producer.

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In the interview, the actress accused Nickelodeon and Dan Schneider of various forms of mistreatment.

Angelique alleged that the producers were aware of bullying cases. She shared stories without naming names. Allegedly, “one cast member” frequently bullied her.

A Cast Member Allegedly Spit Milk In Bate’s Face

During rehearsal, one of the cast members [whom] I was already having issues with, thought it would be hilarious to throw the milk partially on me despite it not being in the script,” she shared.

Bates continued, “Because nothing was done, when it was time to film another cast member thought it would be even more hilarious to directly spit the milk in my face despite it not being in the script.”

To defend herself, the comedic actress said she “picked my milk up and threw it in their face.”

The show’s producer, Dan Schneider immediately became angry and “completely lost it on set.” Angelique alleged that he yelled “all kinds of obscenities” at her that “[were] heard all over the Nickelodeon studio because the microphones were still on.”

The former child star explained,  “So, if you were in the dressing rooms, offices, hallways, on any of the floors, etc. you heard it over the intercoms and televisions.”

The guest director that week reportedly heard what happened and asked if Angelique was okay after she ran out of the studio. She claims she’s unsure what happened behind closed doors, but Dan Schneider later came to her dressing room and apologized.

Following the incident, production reportedly wrote a scene where the cast member who violated Angelique had water repeatedly spit in their face. The actresses’ mother felt they had gone too far and ran on set stating, “that was enough and don’t do anything in [Angelique’s] honor.”

Angelique Claims Her Mom Was Allegedly Sexually Propositioned

Her mother advocated for her and others, to which production reportedly didn’t take a liking to. Bates claims she faced retaliation after her mother reportedly “turned down sexual advances from one of the producers.”

Some outlets have reported that Angelique’s mother was abusive to her on the set, but she vehemently denies these allegations. She firmly stated the abuse was at the hands of Nickelodeon.

She told The Blast, “I never said my mother verbally and emotionally abused me during production. It was Nickelodeon that verbally and emotionally abused me.”

“But the same way Nickelodeon publicly attempted to blackball and silence me, that’s the same way they need to apologize…publicly.”

Angelique was slowly written off the popular kids’ program. She was the first original cast member to exit ‘All That.’

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