Former NFL Player's Mistress Kills Wife And Herself

Former NFL Player’s Mistress Kills Wife And Herself

Former Buffalo Bills NFL player Buster Barnett, messed with the wrong woman.

Buster’s mistress of many years, 45 year-old Lisa Brown, took it upon herself to kidnap his wife, 58 year-old Sandra Barnett, and kill her right before committing suicide.

This horrific story comes out of Clayton County Georgia, Where Brown learned of a trip Buster had planned with his wife. Brown wasn’t too happy about them going away together which probably ignited her to go after Mrs. Barnett.

(Mugshot of Lisa Brown)

Brown showed up in a SUV at the Barnett residence and kidnapped Mrs. Barnett at gunpoint before speeding down the highway. She then stopped in the middle of the interstate, pulled out her gun and shot Mrs. Barnett, then shot herself.

This was not the first time Brown did a kidnapping. She was on probation for kidnapping her child that she had lost custody of.

Police also believe that this we a premeditated murder due to the fact that Brown had handcuffs and receipts in her vehicle.

What a horrible tragedy…What are your thoughts?

Sources Cited: 11 Alive

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