Whew chile, the drama! It seems that the saga between Future and his alleged seventh baby mama Eliza Reign is never-ending—and things are about to get even more complicated. Reportedly, Future believes that Eliza is obsessed with him and as a result, is requesting a court-ordered mental health evaluation.

According to @TMZ_TV, Future is convinced that Eliza Reign’s unhealthy obsession with him has gotten so out of hand, that now he reportedly wants a judge to force her to get a mental health check-up. Based on recent court documents, Future cites Eliza’s frequent social media behavior towards him as a firm example that she may be suffering from some sort of mental health disorder.

Additionally, Future further claims that Eliza’s behavior is getting so scary that he is not only fearing for his safety, but also that of their alleged daughter together. He also points to her alleged history of violence, specifically her previous arrest for assaulting former boyfriends and her possession of firearms.

However, it’s important to note that in his recent court filing against Eliza, Future doesn’t say whether or not he is the father of Eliza’s daughter—he does claim that she was taking fertility pills to purposely get pregnant by someone rich and famous. He goes on to accuse her of trying to repeatedly embarrass him publicly and ruin his image.

Future is also concerned that Eliza is “brainwashing, demoralizing and ruining the self-esteem of the child”, and he wants the mental health evaluation to help determine if she’s fit to be a mother. As you’ll recall, Eliza recently filed a paternity suit against Future in Florida.


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