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Future Sued For Ditching Concert 

Future backed out of a concert because he claimed the deal was “shady” and is now being sued.
Allegedly, Robert Caillier, a Louisiana promoter booked Future with a $15k advancement for a performance back in August 2014.
What happened after that? Future said what concert bih?! He didn’t show up!
So from what we heard, Future’s camp got that $15k advancement from Robert but then the day of the show He claims Future didn’t show up at all. BUT close sources to Future say that’s a lie! They said Future did show up AND performed one song before his management pulled him off stage.
His management claims that Robert messed up some commas! He allegedly didn’t have the remaining owed balance for the performance.
In the lawsuit papers, it was never mentioned how much Future was owed but we hear he averages $150k a show. Sheesh!
Long story short, Robert has his hand out for $150k AND his $15k deposit, singing BBHMM!
Source: TMZ, http://m.tmz.com/#article/2015/12/01/future-sued-concert-no-show/
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