Roommates, social media went wild after a video of Future’s bodyguard being assaulted went viral. In the video, Future’s bodyguard can be seen standing for a moment before a couple of men brutally attacked him, causing him to be knocked out.

According to TMZ, no charges are being pressed against the man, despite his violent behavior. TMZ says there is no investigation into the brutal assault of Future’s bodyguard. According to Spanish law enforcement, the Civil Guard won’t pursue an arrest if there are no charges being pressed.

A representative for the Civil Guard says even if an assault includes a deadly weapon, someone needs to come forward file an official report to press charges in order to an investigation to start. In this case, he man in the video struck Future’s bodyguard with a rock.

The only exceptions to that rule are if the violence occurs against a minor, a woman, or if the violence results in death. Although future’s bodyguard was terribly injured, he is recovering.

As we previously reported, Future and his bodyguard were in Spain when native men allegedly jumped his bodyguard. Although this wasn’t seen in the video, it is clear there was some struggle prior, as Future’s guard was limping and missing a shoe.

In the video, you can see him struggling to stand up when one man approaches him from behind and punches him in the face. The force of the hit caused him to hit the ground almost immediately. The men then approach the camera screaming “Future’s bodyguard is a p***y” repeatedly.

Although Future is not immediately in the video, you can see him toward the end of the footage being escorted away from the situation. Some say he was trying to avoid being involved in a situation similar to the one A$AP Rocky is in now.

Future has since taken to Instagram to explain the situation. He says the men had been harassing him for a photo , and when he denied them, things went left.