G Herbo Reportedly Involved In $40M Battle With Ex-Manager

G Herbo Reportedly Involved In $40M Legal Battle With Ex-Manager

G Herbo is reportedly involved in a legal dispute with his former manager, Joseph “JB” Bowden, and Bowden’s record label.

According to AllHipHop, Bowden alleges that the rapper owes him and his label, Machine Entertainment, $8.4 million. However, G Herbo alleges that Bowden exerted years of “financial manipulation” over him and his business dealings, entitling the rapper to millions owed.

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What Prompted The Legal Battle & The Reported Response Of Joseph “JB” Bowden

According to documents obtained by AllHipHop, G Herbo began a contracted relationship with Bowden as a minor. The documents allege that Bowden “took advantage” of G Herbo’s “lack of knowledge regarding the music business.”

Furthermore, the documents allege Bowden deprived G Herbo of “millions of dollars of income… valuable intellectual property and other rights.”

More specifically, the documents state that Bowden entered G Herbo into “unfair and one-sided deals.” Additionally, Bowden retained G Herbo’s copyrights and other valuable rights” to keep the rapper “in perpetual debt” and “financially dependent on Bowden.”

Furthermore, AllHipHop reports that Bowden also served as the rapper’s “business manager.” This reportedly created an additional conflict of interest, unbeknown to G Herbo.

“Because [G Herbo’s] money was controlled by [Bowden and Machine], [G Herbo] was forced to ask Bowden to make purchases on his behalf, including for vehicles, [G Herbo’s] rent, and his mother’s rent,” G Herbo’s attorney, Marguerite E. Patrick, reportedly stated, per AllHipHop. “Bowden’s conduct, in depriving [G Herbo] of his own funds, was designed to prevent [G Herbo] from leaving Machine or from being able to successfully work with another business manager who would actually look out for [G Herbo’s] best interests.”

What Constitutes G Herbo’s $40 Million Request From His Former Manager

On September 7, G Herbo took to Instagram Live to explain the legal ordeal, confirming that he began his business relationship with Bowden at 16.

Additionally, he explained that he’s been “independent” but working with major labels. However, he’s “never had a direct deal” with any of them.

“I never had a direct deal with the [label]. It’s always been with Machine. So, over the years, when we started generating money, probably this was on the Sony system, he pulled me to the side like, ‘bro, let me run your business for you,'” G Herbo explained to viewers. “I wasn’t really business savvy. This was somebody I trust with my life, like my brother, like a father figure… so from then on, he’s running my business.”

According to the outlet, Bowden has provided financial reports that allege the rapper owes him and his company “a recoupable balance of $8.4 million.” To note, Merriam-Webster defines recoup as “to make good or make up for something lost.”

However, G Herbo reportedly disagreed and pushed for Bowden to sign a “Release Agreement” on August 25, 2023.

The agreement strived to “nullify previous contracts and return G Herbo’s copyrights and other rights.” However, soon after, Bowden began to allege that the rapper forced him to sign the contract while under “duress.”

“Bowden falsely claimed to representatives of [G Herbo] that he purportedly was threatened with guns and other violence into signing the Release Agreement, and he purportedly was prevented physically from leaving the recording studio until he signed the Release Agreement. These claims are outright lies,” Patrick reportedly explained, per AllHipHop. ”

There were no guns brandished at the studio meeting, nor were there any threats of violence. Moreover, Bowden was not prevented from leaving the studio. In fact, Bowden initially left the studio without having signed the Release Agreement. He then returned to the studio to sign the Release Agreement, after apparently having given the matter more thought.”

G Herbo denied Bowden’s allegations in the September livestream.

Additionally, the rapper and his team allege that Bowden attempted to extort him into repudiating the contract, threatening to “disclose these false accusations and thereby cause harm to Wright in an unrelated criminal proceeding.”

Due to this, the rapper reportedly seeks $20 million from Bowden for alleged defamation and $20 million for “alleged breaches of fiduciary duty.”

According to HipHopDX, the battle is the latest legal trouble for G Herbo, who is expected to be sentenced on November 7 for his alleged role in a credit card fraud case. The United States Attorney’s Office of Massachusetts states that the charge carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

Additionally, the rapper has been ordered to pay victims of the alleged crime $140,000 restitution, per HipHopDX.

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