G Herbo Takes On Birth Simulator With Kai Cenat (Video)

WATCH: G Herbo Takes On Birth Simulator With Kai Cenat & Contraction Pains Nearly Knock Him Out His Chair

Rapper G Herbo got the chance to experience labor pains as he recently appeared as a guest on famed YouTuber Kai Cenat’s latest stream.

G Herbo Fearlessly Takes On The Birth Simulator

During a portion of the live stream. Kai Cenat informed the Chicago-bred rapper that he recently tried the birth simulator on himself.

“What’d it feel like though?” G Herbo asked him.

It feels like a knife coming out of your stomach…

Intrigued, G Herbo agreed to try the simulator for himself. Then, called his longtime spouse Taina Williams to share the news with her.

Hey Taina, they tryna get me to do the birth contractions on my stomach, should I do it?

“Yeah, you should,” Williams responds.

Another member of the stream walks over to the rapper and begins connecting him to the simulator. G Herbo appears a bit nervous but readies himself to take on the challenge.

The Rapper’s Knee-Jerking Reaction To The Birth Pains

As the group prepares to begin the demonstrations, Williams can be heard telling the group to “crank” up the stimulator. The begin at level one and G Herbo begins to clench his teeth.

Nah, wait. I don’t even think I want you to up it… Oh!

G Herbo continues to exclaim as he grabs his stomach. But reminds himself that he’s experienced the birth of three kids, so it’s important for him to remember to breathe.

The group continues to increase the levels on the simulator and G Herbo begins to clench his sweatpants. Once the simulator reaches level eight, the rapper almost jumps out of the chair, letting out a sharp, “woah!”

At level ten, the rapper lets out a massive scream.

Ahhh!! alright, that’s ten?! Wait! Nah, h*ll nah, it hurts at the end though! When it gets to the end, that s**t gets to hurting bad!

Kai Cenat & G Herbo’s Live Stream Was Full of Funny Moments

All in all, Kai Cenat and G Herbo’s live stream was full of knee-jerking moments. Check out some more below!


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