Gary Owen Responds To His Estranged Wife’s Comments Alleging

Gary Owen Responds To His Estranged Wife’s Comments Alleging That He Doesn’t Support Their Children

Chile! Gary Owen has finally broken his silence, and boy did he come with it! Gary was a guest on ‘The Wendy Williams’ show and you know Wendy wasn’t letting him leave the couch without getting some answers about what’s going on in his divorce from his estranged wife, Kenya Duke. If you recall, just last week Kenya dragged Gary in a lengthy Instagram post where she called him out for a plethora of things regarding their children and finances.

Kenya alleged that Gary hasn’t paid bills since April, nor has he seen their children in several months. “I have allowed you to tell your family, friends, and fans any false narrative that you want or need it to be about us, the relationship, and our kids. Because I DON’T care or feel a need to defend or explain myself,” Kenya wrote. “You and I know what it really is! But when you go and make these dumb passive-aggressive posts in these insensitive a** T-shirts, I am triggered, and you now have my attention.”

It seems like the shirt Gary wore with ‘Breadwinner’ written across his chest set her off worse than Boosie! Well, Gary had time tuhday to clear the air! Wendy asked Gary how long he and Kenya were married, and he clarified that they had been together for 23 years and married for a little over 17 years. Wendy added, “and you got children,” and Gary quickly corrected her. “We have adults. We have adults. I just want to make sure there is no child support. No, forreal cause it got out there that I’m a deadbeat dad.”

Although Gary didn’t go into too many details per his lawyers, he might be spillin’ some tea about the divorce in the future. He told Wendy that there is a big twist in his divorce that folks don’t know about. He can’t speak on it yet, but he stated that whatever it is changed the whole dynamic of the divorce.


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