Gay Cast Members From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Are In A Love Triangle-- With A Woman!

Gay Cast Members From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Are In A Love Triangle– With A Woman!

Roommates, do y’all remember when we told y’all yesterday that there was going to be an openly gay rapper on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? Well, the culture of Love & Hip Hop is centered around nothing but drama and as we patiently wait for the premiere of season two, VH+1 gave us some more insight into what exactly we can expect from Milan Christopher and his boo, Miles…and Miles’ boo, Amber! Oop!

From a statement issued by VH+1:
“This season of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” will explore one of the most complex relationships in franchise history. Miles, a west coast rapper, who was raised with church values bravely faces his truth, when he realizes he’s in love with Milan, an openly gay man. The struggle becomes complicated for Miles because his best friend and childhood sweetheart, Amber, is still in love with him. The season follows Miles and Milan’s difficult and emotional journey as they deal with the stigmas often associated with intimate relationships between black men in the music industry.”
Now, what we also told y’all yesterday was that Milan had alleged that Omarion, Soulja Boy, Ray J and Mally Mall were homophobic and that’s why they did not want to film scenes with Milan. Well, one of TMZ’s cameramen ran into Omarion the other day and had him clarify a few things. When the camera man brought up that the senior cast allegedly didn’t want to film with Milan since he apparently has no rap credit, all he had to say was, “That’s whack! Why they hatin’? He’s just trying to get those bands!” Which, of course that’s what they should be focused on anyway! Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. He also brought up an excellent point that they “have to keep the television money rolling in.”
Milan being gay doesn’t really help people’s opinions grow nicer either. They think that him being gay is a set-up to specifically boost ratings. Even if it was, so?! Seeing as more people are becoming comfortable in their own skin and others are becoming more accepting of gays, then it would only be a smart business move to have gay representation on a tv show, right? Omarion thought the same thing, saying, “It’s just real life! That’s where we are right now…if I’m the network, I’m thinking ‘I’ve got to touch everybody’.” Besides, his storyline has nothing to do with Milan nor Miles….and Amber is spelled like Apryl in his household, so I don’t think Omarion even cares enough about his fellow cast mate’s impending drama!
We can already tell that this season is going to be a ki! Will you be tuning in, roommates?

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Check out the TMZ video of Omarion Below!

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