George Foreman Fires Back At Accuser With Countersuit

UPDATE: George Foreman Countersues Accuser After ‘Zero Corroborating Evidence’ Is Presented

Five months after being hit with sexual abuse allegations, George Foreman is firing back at one of his accusers in the court of law.

George Foreman Says There’s No Proof To Support The Sexual Assault Allegations

According to TMZ, the 74-year-old is suing a woman identified as “Gwen H.,” who is one of the two people who filed a lawsuit against Foreman in Aug. 2022.

Specifically, Gwen and “Denise S.” both accused George of sexually assaulting them back while he was in his 20s. They also say that they were underage at the time, as The Shade Room previously reported.

It’s worth noting that, rather than the allegation in the initial filing, George’s lawsuit specifically takes aim at comments Gwen provided during a news conference late last year, in which she further detailed her accusation.

At one point during the conference, Gwen said, “He asked me to remove my clothes, and if I didn’t then my father would be fired, so I complied.”

Regarding Gwen’s account, George says she’s provided “zero corroborating evidence in the form of documents, photographs, letters, or witnesses” to support these “false claims.”

He also accuses Gwen of “hoping that the passage of time will excuse her complete lack of evidence.”

Foreman Fires Back In Court, Says He Was Extorted For $12M In Hush Money

Because of these allegations, George says he’s had to face “anxiety, sleeplessness, worry, shock and humiliation.” As a result, he’s chosen to countersue for unspecified damages.

We should also add that, back in July 2022, ahead of the lawsuit being filed, Foreman spoke to TMZ about the incoming situation and accused the women of trying to get $12 million out of him in exchange for their silence.

So, all things considered, George Foreman feels as though he has a case.

What do you think about the overall situation?


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