GA Learning Center Investigated For Writings On Child's Buttocks

Georgia Learning Center Under Investigation After Parents Discover Marker Writings On 5-Year-Old’s Buttocks And Back

Multiple state agencies are investigating Prime Care Learning Center after a child came home with marker writings on his shirt and body.

WSB-TV spoke to a Clayton County couple who says their five-year-old had the marks on his buttocks, back, legs, and shirt. The child allegedly blamed another student for the markings. However, Channel 2 Action News hasn’t identified any parties involved.

The mother first noticed the writings after she picked up her son from Prime on April 10.

“He pulled down his underclothes, and I saw there was writing all over both parts of his buttocks. It was really extensive writing,” she told Channel 2 Action News. Adding, “It was as if they were playing Tic Tac Toe on his butt. Devastating to know that a child his age could think to do something like that.”

Prime Care Learning Center employee didn’t respond to Channel 2’s questions about the incident. When The Shade Room reached out, we were told the person with answers wasn’t available to speak at the moment.

However, the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning gave WSB-TV and The Shade Room the same statement. The agency has been investigating, but today marks the third week since they first received the report.

“The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) is investigating allegations of a lack of supervision by Prime Care Learning Center located at 6550 Church Street in Riverdale. This is an open investigation. The complaint was received on April 14, 2023. It was reported that on April 10, 2023, a five-year-old child was written on with a marker on their shirt, back, legs, and buttocks. Staff was not aware until the incident was reported by the parent the next day. Parents impacted by this situation can connect with child care resources at or by calling the toll-free number 1-877-ALL GA KIDS. Parents will be assisted in locating quality child care options. DECAL provides this free service to parents. At DECAL, our top priority is the health and safety of our state’s young learners.”

Chief Communications Officer Reg Griffin told TSR the agency gives themselves “a minimum of 30 days to fully investigate, talk with everyone involved.” However, Griffin clarified that the Riverdale Police is the agency that determines criminal charges.

“Our jurisdiction is strictly what health and safety rules ad regulations were violated,” the Comms Officer said via text.

Public Reviews For Prime Care Learning Center Make Negative Claims About Its Upkeeping

Though the investigation could “impact” Prime’s “status as a licensed child care program in Georgia,” Grifian emphasized that their center was “in good standing” when the investigation began.

But, Google reviews for the center added in the last year paint concerns of cleanliness and caretaking. As of Friday, they have 43 reviews and a 3.0 out of 5 rating.

The most recent review was posted two months ago by T Edden and highlighted Prime’s operational procedures.

His review said:

“This is my second review from a different email. They lie about the hours of operation. I mean why would I bring my child to a daycare that closes at 5:30. 99% of the people in the metro Atlanta area gets off at 5. But this is what behooves me is that I have been asking for my tax information since Jan. and still haven’t received it. I have called and emailed. The staff is rude and ridiculous. It’s sad that the neighbor daycare center is not a good place to send your child. I am so glad my child no longer attends this daycare. Your child shouldn’t attend it either. BTW. I ended up just guessing what I paid last year and I was glad I had her info from the previous year.”

Five months ago, Chuck Real Atlanta wrote: “My child stay sick they not sanitizing properly. I’ve heard this multiple times.” Six months ago, Grace Battle also expressed issues with the people in charge.

“HORRIBLE Experience with most of the staff in charge. Ms. Parham the assistant director is one of the rudest and unfit teachers who I’ve also been threatened by. The director Joan (bless her heart) is only a mouthpiece with no authority who will often tell you “please work with me” in an attempt to brush you over, under the regional director Chrislen O, who blocked me on account of wanting to meet with her concerning my child. Some of the instances you’ll never hear about because it’s NOT RECORDED IN THEIR SYSTEM (they have no system of disciplinary records beyond a small folder kept in the front). A 1-year-old child was unattended and wandered near the street, a 6-year-old was touched and had to go to counseling, children of all ages being bullied by teachers, and it all gets swept under the rug for your 200$ a week. They will not report to you when something happens with your child, and they do not follow their own disciplinary code, but will charge you for not following it. Would not recommend to anyone.”

Prime Care Learning Center has not addressed the incident on its Facebook page.

This story is still developing.


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