Man Crushed While Seemingly Trying To Steal Catalytic Converter

Georgia Man Crushed To Death While Allegedly Trying To Steal Catalytic Converter

A man down in Georgia lost his life after being crushed by a car, and it appears as though he found himself in the sticky situation while trying to come up on a catalytic converter!

The 32-Year-Old Man Was Found Crushed In A Savannah Car Lot

According to WSAV, officers with the Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) were called to a car lot in Savannah last week and discovered a deceased man identified as Matthew Eric Smith pinned beneath a vehicle.

The 32-year-old, who’s reportedly been arrested over a dozen times, is believed to have been trying to steal the car’s catalytic converter when it fell on top of him.

Regarding the circumstances of the matter, CCPD Chief Jeff Hadley noted that he hopes the case will serve as a deterrent to others with “intentions to go around stealing catalytic converters.”

“We normally don’t publicize every death investigation that we go to. Many are natural—it could be an overdose or something like that. But because of the uniqueness of this case, we had wanted the public to know one hopefully as a deterrent for, unfortunately, anyone who had those intentions to go around stealing catalytic converters.”

Thieves Have Been Booked & Busy Stealing Catalytic Converters

While this is a unique case of the situation going terribly wrong, the media is filled with people from all over having their catalytic converters be stolen.

As a matter of fact, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that catalytic converter theft has steeply increased 1,215% since 2019. Additionally, the Houston Police Department previously noted that officers were getting over thirty reports of such instances every single day.

As a result, various states like California and South Carolina have implemented new legislation to try and curb the epidemic. However, catalytic converter theft is still a major issue all over the United States, as you can see down below.

What do you think about the situation, and have you had to deal with your catalytic converter getting stolen? Also, do you think this example can serve as a cautionary tale for how this popular crime can go wrong?


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