Whew chillay! Most people wouldn’t look so happy being handcuffed, but Gervonta Davis looks like he had no worries at all!

Witnesses captured footage of Gervonta being handcuffed in Los Angeles alongside Floyd Mayweather’s ex, Yaya. And although details may be scarce, it’s clear they were having a good ol’ time despite what happened.

Gervonta and Yaya can be seen against the wall of a local store, with police officers standing behind them. Both of them are smiling and talking to one another, and Yaya even busts out laughing.

It is unclear why the two were apprehended, but Gervonta has been active on social media since the incident, so we’re assuming he wasn’t held for long, if at all.

The last time Yaya and Gervonta were spotted together, Gervonta had an incident with a young lady outside of a nightclub. We exclusively reported about what went down, and the girl alleged Gervonta had broken her cell phone.

If y’all don’t recall, the fan alleged that she was trying to record Gervonta Davis leaving the club with Yaya, and he wasn’t too happy about it.

She alleged he swung at her before walking off, breaking her cell phone and then leaving the scene.

“All I did was pull my phone out to record him and say ‘hi’ and this is how he reacted,” the fan said. “… I have to get a new phone and I feel like he should replace it but I know that’s not going to happen.”

Now, the status of Gervonta’s relationship with Yaya is still unknown, but this is the second time they have been spotted together.

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