GloRilla Stands Firm On Paying $550/Week For Personal Assistant

GloRilla Responds To Fan Who Says She’s ‘Paying People Starvation Wages’ With $550/Week Personal Assistant Job

Memphis-bred rapper GloRilla is sticking to her guns when it comes to a recent job posting she shared, searching for a personal assistant.

GloRilla’s official Facebook account shared the job posting on December 14th. Responsibilities of the personal assistant position included things like managing her calendar and schedule, handling travel and itineraries for ground transportation, flights, and hotels, organizing meals, grocery shopping, and mail pickup, keeping track of her wardrobe, packing and unpacking, and more.

The position asked for qualified applicants who possessed “excellent” communication skills, an ability to multi-task, and high attention to detail. It also asked prospective applicants to possess “discretion” and “confidentiality.”

The pay rate for the position was listed as “$550/week” at the bottom of the flyer.

Fans Immediately Found Issue With Glo’s Job Posting

GloRilla took to her Facebook comments to share more clarity about the position, after noticing fans who felt the $550/week wage was indecent of the rapper to offer.

They talking about 550 too low, it really needs to be 500 — nah I’m just playing. But for real, first of all, your flights get paid for – your flights and your travel. If you want to have higher pay, then pay for your flights and your own travel and see how much them $500 a** flight tickets be… I take flights every day.

Glo continued.

Half this s**t anyway, you don’t gotta do for real. It’s just, if it comes down to it, you might have to do it. But it’s literally the easiest s**t in the world. You really don’t gotta do nothing but be with me every day. And go pick up my clothes for me and all my oufits I gotta wear, you gotta have all my s**t with you… You really just gotta whatever the f**k I tell you to do.

Even comedian Lil Duval seemed to agree that GloRilla’s offering of $550/week was reasonable.

According to HipHopDX, the annual salary for GloRilla’s personal assistant position would equal $28,600 annually before taxes.

The Backlash Against Glo’s Financial Offering For The Position Hasn’t Stopped

GloRilla continues to feel that the salary for the position is, indeed, worth it. And has noted that she feels the position is quite “simple.” On Monday, she took to Twitter to share her disappointment about the backlash she’s received for the posting.

However, one Twitter user was not feeling sympathy for the “Tomorrow 2” rapper. And quickly let it be known.

To which GloRilla responded.

Roommates, do you think GloRilla is being fair with the wage that she’s offering? Or does she need to reevaluate that $550/week pay?


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