GSU Professor To Offer Course Highlighting Life Of Rick Ross

Georgia State University Professor & Hip Hop Enthusiast To Offer Course Highlighting Life Of Rick Ross

Rick Ross joins the growing list of hip-hop artists and entertainers inspiring college courses across the United States. Georgia State University Professor Mo Ivory plans to highlight Rick’s music career and business empire as part of her “Legal Life Of” series.

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The university’s website lists Ivory as an attorney and GSU’s Entertainment, Sports, and Media Law Initiative director. Rick will be part of the professor’s course study this fall semester at GSU’s College of Law.

As a hip-hop enthusiast, Professor Ivory told Fox 5 that the course study aligns with the genre’s 50th anniversary, which just passed on Aug. 11. She said the timing is ideal to “study the career of a visionary like Rick Ross.”

“When I began my research on Ross, I realized early on that my students would learn about a businessman who turned his love of music into an empire that includes massive real estate holdings, food and beverage franchises, investments in the car and bike industry, literary works and corporate equity ownership,” Professor Ivory said.

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Fox 5 reports that this is Professor Ivory’s fourth installment, with previous classes centralizing the lives of Ludacris, Kandi Burruss, and Steve Harvey.

Rick Ross The Boss With The Business Sauce: A Rundown

The music most know speaks for itself. Nine Grammy nominations, six number-one albums on Billboard, and classics when in any club scene across the East Coast. Then there’s also his position as CEO of Maybach Music Group.

But Rick Ross’s business profile, as Professor Ivory will review, is impressive and expansive. He does it big, in real life.

Ross reportedly owns nearly 30 Wingstop franchises in the U.S.–pulling in an estimated $7 million annually. Similarly, the music mogul has his business hands on a few Checkers and Rally’s restaurants.

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Rick’s portfolio also includes partnerships with Belair, 1800 Tequila, and Hemppaco to create CBD-based products.

He also owns a hair care line called “Rich by Rick Ross.” According to multiple online reports, estimates of the artist and entrepreneur’s net worth land between $45 million, $120 million, and $150 million.

In November, fans can catch Rick Ross headlining the 2023 AFROTECH Conference music stage in Austin, Texas.

“Being the headliner at AFROTECH Conference music is more than just a performance to me. It’s an opportunity to inspire the next generation on hustlers, creators and innovators. It’s a chance to showcase the power of hard work, dedication and staying true to your dreams, “Ross said.

It’s unclear if Professor Ivory has secured or plans to secure a guest lecture by the big boss himself for her course study.

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