Hackers Breached Data on Millions Of People!

Hackers Breached Data on Millions Of People!

This just in, U.S officials have reported of a major data breach which is looking like the biggest breach in U.S. history!

Earlier this year, it was reported that hackers got into the Office of Personnel Management’s database and stole records of 4.2 million people. (They do background checks)

The latest breach has compromised over 22.1 million people’s records.

When we say records, we mean errrthang!  Social security numbers, health histories, financial records, etc from current and former employees, as well as their friends listed as references!

The hackers access was so thorough that U.S officials believe every OPM managed file from the year 2000 was exposed.

There has been speculation of China being responsible for the intrusion but no formal statement has been made by the Obama administration.

The U.S government said they will offer affected employees with three years of credit monitoring and other identity protection services

Sources Cited: The Washington Post


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