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Hacktivist Group Anonymous Reportedly Resurfaces–Blasts President Donald Trump & Celebrities

While the country is coming together for George Floyd protests, hacktivist group Anonymous has resurfaced and is handling the innanet streets, putting #Donnie and celebs on blast.

After the hacktivist group reportedly took the Minneapolis Police Department’s website offline, and hacked Chicago’s Police Department radio frequencies to play “F- Tha Police” by NWA, the hacktivist group took to Twitter to allegedly expose a few celebs.

While disseminating this info, the hacktivist group also featured @OpDeathEaters via Twitter. An organization whose focus is to expose pedophiles and those tied to sex trafficking rings with underaged girls.

It appears that the OpDeathEaters leaked documents on scribd.com, including Jeffrey Epstein’s “Little Black Book,” a book that kept a list of his high profile friends.

A few of the celebs that were said to be listed in the book are  #Donnie, #BillGates, #TonyBlair, Duchess and Duke of York, #ChrisTucker, and #NaomiCampbell. Exactly how he used the book is unclear, but it’s alleged that it had something to do with sex trafficking.

If you recall, Jeffrey Epstein was an American financier who was arrested on sex trafficking charges, and later committed suicide, before he could face those charges in court.

Also, a few alleged court documents were leaked. Those documents that were released allege that Donnie was listed as a defendant with Epstein in a 1994 rape case of a 13-year-old girl. The 2016 court filings stated the girl was allegedly raped at multiple parties at Epstein’s home.

With that being said, the documents have been out for years. These allegations are not new. They’ve only resurfaced.

Roomies, to make thangs more interesting—this info was released days after  a Netflix Documentary, “Filthy Rich,” based on #JeffreyEpstein’s alleged sex crimes debuted.

While this is all speculation, but this hacktivist group certainly makes you wonder.



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