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Hags Of A Feather Flock Together!

Every girl has a gay bestie and it’s great, because they can get in touch with their feminine side if need be. Almost all of my friends are gay and over the years, I’ve acquired a little more insight into the culture than most.

 Varying from the lingo, all the way down to necessary literature and movies like To Wong Foo. If you’ve got a gay best fran, then you’re about to get your life! This is my list of “hagisms” for real fish to refer to when you’re with your bestie! 

1.) First things first, if you’ve never seen Paris Is Burning, then I’m judging…

Paris Is Burning is just as important as starting Kindergarten, okay? Watching it is literally like attending a gay college. Dorian Corey teaches the origins of “reading” and “shade” while Willie Ninja shows you how to vogue down. It also touches on transgender issues/fears, but these are just the basics though. Check out some of the most memorable quotes here
2.) If your friend has his trade mask on, then you should have yours on!

You may have a friend who is slightly more femme, but when trade walks by, they may drop that tone to Barry White or quit exclaiming, “Girl!” before beginning a sentence with you. So, when this happens, you should calm it down too! Don’t show out for trade, boo. 
3.) Don’t try hooking your friend up with anyone unless you know their classification.

In the gay world, there are tops, bottoms, verses and their variants (verse-top, verse-bottom…and power bottom lol). However, one does not introduce tops to more tops! You’d probably be on the receiving end of a read or two if you did that.
4. ) If your name is Judy…

This could get a little awkward. A Judy is what we call a girl that helps her gay bestie pass as straight for when they’re not quite ready to come out– and this is okay. Never pressure your friend to come out if they aren’t ready! There should be a service for this…it could probably save a few lives!
5.) Jack’d is not for you, girl.

It’s not for real fish! Don’t press girl. 
6.) Don’t be offended if your friend doesn’t want to eat your food. He may have a date later.

If your friend happens to be a bottom and they tell you they’re going on a date or meeting up with someone, then they’re not going to eat before hand (for obvious reasons). So, don’t get mad if they don’t want to dine with you! Just save the leftovers for after their sexcapade, because they’ll be STARVING.
7.) Use the lingo sparingly. 

Just because you understand what “real fish”, ki-ki, trade, tea, shade and reading mean, does not mean use them every chance you get. It’s like cussing, you don’t want to sound uneducated, so keep it cute or put it on mute!
8.) Never allow your trans friend to just sit a wig on her head.

I’ve seen one too many girls with their wig lopsided or not fitting right and it’s left me wondering how their girlfriends’ hair is laid but not theirs. Be a helping hand! Friends that slay together stay together.

There you have it, roommates! I hope this list bring you and your best friend closer together!

TSR Intern: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on Instagram & @tallyohhh on Twitter!


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