Fans Hilariously Defend Halle Bailey Amid DDG & Rubi Rose Beef

Halle Bailey Stans Hilariously Defend Her Amid DDG & Rubi Rose Beef: ‘Get Behind Me!’

While DDG and Rubi Rose were busy poppin’ off on each other via Twitter, fans were quick to cut up while coming to Halle Bailey’s defense!

Halle Bailey & Her Boyfriend Fell Into Some Drama With Rubi Rose

As The Shade Room previously reported, DDG and Rubi Rose—who were romantically linked back in the day—got into it over the weekend. It all began when Rubi made a comment about Halle, DDG’s current partner, wearing the same shirt as her.

The “Whole Lotta Liquor” rapper specifically noted, “Havin your b***h [wear] my clothes is crazy lol.”

She was sure to also add, “I like Halle. DDG a weirdo tho fasho.”

DDG and Rubi proceeded to go back and forth, and it even escalated to the point that she leaked supposed DMs between her and the rapper. After this bombshell, it was name-calling galore between the exes.

Halle eventually chimed in and shared her two cents, and she attempted to shut the drama down by proclaiming, “The devil is working.” She also added, “Please don’t feed into the lies, especially from a third party,” though she appears to have ultimately deleted the tweet.

DDG quote tweeted this, adding that Rubi “is a weirdo” who’s “been hating on [his] relationship for years.”

‘Halle, Get Behind Me’ Trends On Twitter

While Halle Bailey appears to have handled the situation with grace, her fans nonetheless rushed to her defense as the whole interaction was going down.

Specifically, “Halle get behind me” began trending on Twitter ahead of the Super Bowl, and people were showing just how far they’d go to defend Halle.

Check out some of these hilarious tweets down below.

What do you think about the overall situation between Halle Bailey, DDG, and Rubi Rose? Also, are you here for Halle’s fans humorously rushing to her defense on the internet?


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