Halle Bailey Reflects On Isolation While Filming 'The Little Mermaid'

Halle Bailey Reflects On ‘Emotional’ Isolation While Filming Signature ‘The Little Mermaid’ Track

As audiences await the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, Halle Bailey is opening up about some of her experiences filming the project.

Specifically, the 23-year-old acknowledged feeling isolated and “alone,” though she was able to bring these emotions into her portrayal of Ariel.

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The Actress Recalls Filming The Little Mermaid During “Height Of The Pandemic”

Halle dished on the matter during a sit-down with PEOPLE. She started by reminiscing about how filming went down during “the height of the pandemic.”

As a result, she found herself suddenly “away from everything” familiar to her. This feeling was likely compounded by filming going down overseas in London and Italy.

“We were filming in the height of the pandemic, and I was suddenly living alone away from everything I knew.”

When it came time to film “Part of Your World”—Ariel’s signature song—Halle recalled that the experience “took three days to film.” Additionally, she commented on the “physicality and stunt work” that was required, which offered “a lot to think about.”

“There was a lot of physicality and stunt work involved where I would be spinning, going in the air on the wires, and there was a lot to think about.”

Halle Bailey Says She Channeled Feeling “Alone” During Her Performance

Continuing, Halle shared that she felt “very emotional” throughout the process.

She also suggested that she came to relate to the “Part of Your World” lyrics, as she was “feeling alone.” She proclaimed that she felt like she was “underwater in a way.”

“I was very emotional. I remember I was crying… If you listen to the lyrics, it’s such a desperate plea and cry for help. I was able to convey those emotions of feeling alone and underwater in a way.”

Thanks to these feelings, though, Halle notes that she could channel Ariel’s energy better, which she was “grateful” for. She even proclaimed, “I think, ultimately, it helped my performance.”

“I was grateful that I had that experience of feeling that isolation because I was able to play it through Ariel. I think, ultimately, it helped my performance.”

Now that filming has wrapped, Halle says she’s excited for audiences to see the final product. After remarking that the premiere “has been five years of buildup,” she said, “It’s nice to finally have it be released into the world.”


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