Halle Berry Claps Back About The Bedroom Rumors, Tells LisaRaye To Ask Her Man Van Hunt About Her 

Halle Berry Claps Back About The Bedroom Rumors, Tells LisaRaye To Ask Her Man Van Hunt About Her 

Oop! Halle Berry just pulled a “Miley, what’s GOOD?” on LisaRaye chile and I am gagging. 

The Oscar-winning actress had to virtually pull up to LisaRaye for her recent comments about Halle’s alleged bedroom performance and she made sure she hit that @ symbol too!

Just to rewind so we can catch those up who just got their tea cup, LisaRaye shared some of the rumors that she heard about Ms. Berry on a recent episode of “Cocktails With Queens.” 

Now, we all know the ladies of that show can get to running their mouth a bit too much but to be fair, it comes with the territory as it is the premise of the show.

On this specific episode, LisaRaye hurled out a shocking accusation about Halle Berry’s status in the bedroom…or lack thereof. The women were discussing celebrity relationships and how some women can’t keep their men, while mentioning both Toni Braxton and Halle.

However, LisaRaye took things a step further and called out Halle’s alleged weak bedroom skills. When Claudia noted that Toni had “some fine men back in the day,” LisaRaye came back with “But she done lost some too. So we don’t know what she be doin’ in the bedroom. It could be like Halle Berry.”

Claudia then asked LisaRaye, “What you mean LisaRaye about Halle Berry? She not supposed to be good in the bedroom?”

LisaRaye then elaborated and said, “That’s what they said… That’s what I read… And that’s what I heard…That’s what they say.”

Needless to say, after a good social media dragging, LisaRaye clarified her comments. You can read that here.

Well maybe Halle didn’t get the updated memo because she tweeted Wednesday in response to the headline saying, “Ms. @TheRealLRaye1, ask my my man @vanhnt he’ll tell ya all y’all need to know,” followed by a laugh emoji.

And bloop, just like that, Ms. Berry shut it down real quick while keeping it cute. We heard that; she better have that “ask about me!” energy.

As we previously reported, earlier this year Halle Berry confirmed that she is currently dating R&B/soul singer Van Hunt.

According to Halle, it sounds like the two are real happy these days.

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