Halle Berry Stands By Calling Cardi B The "Queen Of Hip-Hop"

Halle Berry Stands By Calling Cardi B The “Queen Of Hip-Hop”

Halle Berry brought that ‘I said, what I said’ energy to ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ on Monday night. She dropped by to talk about her upcoming movie ‘Bruised.’ About six minutes into the interview, Jimmy Kimmel shakes the table by asking about the viral “Queen of Hip-Hop” conversation that took place over the weekend.

Jimmy Stirs The Pot

He started by asking Halle if she saw what happened on Twitter after giving Cardi the compliment. She seems unclear at first. Then, Jimmy clarifies saying “the Nicki Minaj fans got really, really mad at you.” Keeping it casual, Halle responds “I know, I I know.” Meanwhile, Jimmy throws in a joke asking “will you beat them up,” given the context of Halle’s new movie. Halle laughs and says no. Jimmy then circles back to Halle’s compliment.

“Do you stand by that assessment of Cardi B as the Queen of Hip-Hop,” Jimmy asked.

“You know I do,” Halle responded with the audience applauding in the background. “But here’s the thing, there’s room for more than one queen people. That’s what we need to know. Nicki is a queen in her own right. H.E.R. is a queen. All these ladies to me are queens. It can always be more than one.”


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Halle’s Initial Compliment

If you missed it, Nicki Minaj fans, known as Barbz, went into a frenzy over the weekend after Halle Berry gave Cardi her flowers for her contribution to ‘Bruised.’ Cardi and Halle paired up to executive produce the first-ever, all female, hip-hop soundtrack for the film. The actress thanked Cardi during a film screening last week.

“I want to say thank you today to Cardi B, she’s my partner in crime,” Halle said. “I reached out to her, of course she’s the Queen of Hip-Hop. I reached out to Cardi and we paired and we created I think a soundtrack and an album that is not only historical, but I think is a beautiful backdrop for this story.”

The soundtrack features 13 songs and includes some of the industry’s hottest and on-the-rise artists. The roster includes: Cardi, H.E.R., Saweetie, City Girls, Flo Milli, Latto, Young M.A., Baby Tate, Rapsody, Erica Banks, Big Bottle Wyanna, Ambre and Dream Doll, per Variety.

Cardi Speaks 

Cardi addressed the viral conversation via Twitter on Sunday telling folks to ease off Halle Berry.

“I know how some of you girls like to tussle over this typa childish sh*t but ntm on Halle Berry,” Cardi said. “Anyways her movie #Bruised dropping THAT SHE DIRECTED HERSELF o Netflix on November 24th. The FIRST female rap movie soundtrack! We produced together out this Friday.”

Why The Conversation Went Viral

Following Halle’s compliment at the film screening, Winnie Harlow added fuel to the queen talk. The model addressed Nicki Minaj as “the one and only Queen of Hip-Hop” while presenting the winner of ‘Best Hip-Hop’ at the 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards. At the time, the Barbz praised Winnie for her recognition.

However, it turns out Winnie did not use the wording as a way to shade Halle or Cardi. She took to Twitter late Monday night to clear the air after an account named Female Rap Game tried to paint a different narrative.

“I didn’t see Halle’s speech at the time. I been a fan since middle school & have always felt that way,” Winnie wrote. “I didn’t know Nicki won until they handed me the envelope backstage but I’m proud af. Cardi is a sweetheart to me. What shade? I’m a fan of both.”

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