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Halloween Scare Tactics Gone Too Far? Detroit Woman’s Decorations Has People Calling 911!!

A Detroit woman’s Halloween decorations are causing quite the commotion in her neighborhood but it’s a particular prop that she used that is really making people do a double take!

Cops have been called to the home of LaRethia Haddon numerous times because of reports of a dead body on her front lawn… Too bad it’s a fake!

For the last 25 years, LaRethia has been known for her outlandish decorations for Halloween but this year seems to really take the cake. 

She says that she  places the fake corpse, face down, in different places on her lawn every morning and watches the reactions from passers-by from her living room. She says people would often try to perform CPR and when they finally realize it’s a dummy their reactions are so “hilarious”.

“We received one call each about the dummy on the sixth, seventh and eighth,” Officer Jennifer Moreno said said The Detroit News.

She says at her old residence people used to go just as crazy over the corpse too, “I used to live in Redford Township, and oh God — the police department, fire department, they would come out every day,” Haddon said. “Everywhere I’ve ever lived, it’s always been this way. But this year, for some reason, it’s getting a lot of attention.”

She says that people love the corpse so much he is often stolen at night but not everyone is here for the theatrics. Even though it’s not illegal authorities are growing tired of having to respond to calls over a fake dummy.

“It would be great if they could put something along the lines of it being a display to alert to the citizens in the community so it doesn’t arise unnecessary concern,” Williams said. “If we get a call, we are still responding. We can’t take the chance.”

In her defense, Haddon says she doesn’t mean to be offensive and just wants to bring happiness to Detroit. “I’m trying to bring laughter to Detroit,” she said. “We really need it.”

Let’s chat below, do you think she is going too far with her decorations?


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Sources Sited: The Detroit News



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