Former “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Hazel-E is celebrating a lot of recent good news and capping off her 2019 with some major milestones. After getting engaged to her boyfriend Devon Waller back in October, Hazel followed that up with the announcement that she is expecting her first child. Unfortunately, there is always something or someone lurking around to ruin your happiness—but Hazel is not here for it and she proved it by checking proclaimed “Black Widow” Celina Powell for sliding in her boo’s DMs.

As we all know, many relationships have ended due to some inappropriate activity going on in someone’s DMs, however Hazel-E wants you all to know not to try it with her fiancé Devon Waller.

You may be familiar Black Widow Celina Powell for her alleged celebrity exploits with Offset, who she claimed fathered her child, and also Dwight Howard and Fetty Wap. Well according to Hazel, Celina tried to put her man on her hit list and she was not having it.

Hazel aired her out on social media saying, “Ima put this h** on blast before she even starts with the bs.” She followed that message up with one that read, “B**ch get out my husband’s DM.”

Celina responded with this:

“First of all b**ch ya husband been thirsty on my s**t & don’t worry I have his number dumb a**.”

Hazel fired back at her one more time:

“Call him see if it works h**. You gone play ya self f**kin with me. To many n**gas have warned about u.”

Chile, the drama is just too much!


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?