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High School Bans Expensive Winter Coats to Stop ‘Poverty-Shaming’

#Roommates, y’all know how it is in the Winter time at schools when everybody shows up in the hottest trendy coats of the season. Well, one school in England is putting a stop to that because they want to prevent other students, who are less fortunate, from feeling bullied.

According to Fox News, Woodchurch High School in Wirral, in Northwest England has banned students from wearing jackets from “Canada Goose, Moncler or Pyrenex, which cost up to 1,000 pounds ($1,280) each.”

The school sent a letter home to parents and explained to them their reasoning behind this decision. “As you are all aware from an email that was sent out yesterday, pupils will not be permitted to bring in Canadian (sic) Goose and Monclair (sic) coats after the Christmas break.”

“The support from parents/carers has been overwhelmingly positive and we are very thankful for this. Some have also asked whether Pyrenex coats, which are also in a similar price range (with some also having real fur) will also be prohibited. I am writing to confirm that these brands will also be prohibited after Christmas. Thank you for your ongoing support.”

Most of the parents seem to be on board, which is amazing!

“It’s been the cause of bullying for so long and those that do have them can still wear out of school. It’s a win, win,” one mother said.

“Brilliant thing from a high school. Parents should not feel pressurized into buying expensive stuff so their child ‘fits in.'”

One parents felt some type of way and said, “I think it’s a joke, some kids only have those coats.”


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