HS Football Player Is Dragged Out Of Car & Arrested

(VIDEO) HS Football Player Is Dragged Out Of Car & Arrested While Trying To Help Friend Who Ran Out Of Gas

A viral video of a recent incident between Harris County deputies and two football players from Langham Creek High School in Houston, Texas, has surfaced.

In the footage, a high school varsity football player named Seth Palumbo is seen being dragged out of his car by a deputy. Palumbo was then slammed to the ground while his classmate, Kristopher Willis Jr., recorded the incident, according to ABC13.

High School Student Ran Out Of Gas & Called His TeaMates for Help

Willis Jr., a high school senior, called his two football teammates for help after running out of gas. However, events took a turn when his teammates arrived.

The high schoolers were instead pulled over and arrested by Harris County Deputies. Palumbo was charged with felony assaulting a peace officer. While Willis Jr. was charged with a misdemeanor count of impeding a roadway.

Once the video surfaced on social media and was shared numerous times, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement, as per ABC13.

 “The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is aware of online videos about a recent arrest in West Harris County.

After reviewing the videos, we are investigating the incident to determine if any policies and procedures were violated.

One deputy has been temporarily reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation.

We take these matters seriously and will ensure a thorough investigation is completed in a timely manner.

Our deputies are held to the highest standard of professionalism, and any employee whose conduct does not align with departmental policies will be held accountable for their actions.”


Langham Creek High School Football Players Speak Out For The First Time Following Arrest

When the story broke on Tuesday, April 11, the boys and their families decided not to speak on camera. According to the outlet, the teenagers received direction from their lawyer since a felony charge was in play.

However, when ABC13 followed up with the players a few days later, the outlet learned that Seth Palumbo was no longer charged with a felony. This was, reportedly, because the judge did not find probable cause in his case.

Palumbo shared a statement with the news station.

“I feel like police are really supposed to be peace officers. I feel like he just did a lot of aggravation. He wasn’t really trying to be peaceful. I feel like we don’t need people like that in the community.”

Kristopher Willis Jr., whose car ran out of gas after leaving school, went into detail about the incident.

He explained that after his friends arrived, he gave them bottles so they could fill them up with enough gas for him to make it to the gas station. As that was happening, three to four police units pulled up and pulled the teenagers over.

Additionally, Willis Jr. explained that another teenager quickly grabbed their cell phone to record the ongoing events.

The mother of Willis Jr., Kia Willis, also shared a statement with the outlet.

“I’ve never felt so helpless, honestly. It’s my job to protect my children, and I’ve just never imagined I would be in a place where I would not be able to protect my son.”

Willis Jr.’s father, Kristopher Willis, Sr., explained that he wants the police held accountable.

“I really think the police should be held accountable the same way they are holding my son accountable for a crime he did not commit.”

Student Whose Car Ran Out Of Gas Charges Not Dismissed

Although Seth Palumbo’s charges were dismissed, that was not the case with Kristopher Willis, Jr.

His misdemeanor of impeding a roadway is still active. However, the family’s attorney, Attorney Antuan Johnson, is prepared to fight the charges in court. Johnson added that he is proud that the boys “kept their cool and recorded the interactions.”

“The only reason we are here is that he had the courage to get out the phone and record, and by that, we were able to see what happened.”

The case is reportedly set for trial.


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