Hitmaka Catches Heat For Critiquing 'P***y Rap' On Social Media

Hitmaka Catches Heat For Critiquing ‘P***y Rap’ On Social Media

Hitmaka recently upset Twitter users with his commentary on women in the rap game.

Hitmaka Says He Needs ‘A Pretty Female Rapper That’s Strictly About Bars’

The situation unfolded on Sunday after Hitmaka—who was previously known as Yung Berg—made an odd announcement online.

He initially proclaimed that he “can’t wait to work with a pretty female rapper that’s strictly about bars to even the playing field.”

Then, the producer explained that, while “p***y rap” had “shock value” in the past, he thinks it’s worn out and overdone.

A couple of hours later, Hitmaka issued a follow-up tweet and announced, “Top of the year I’m starting this female rapper project.”

Social Media Slams Hitmaka Over His Comments

It swiftly became evident that social media users were largely against the producer on the subject.

Specifically, many took issue with Hitmaka wanting to work with a “pretty” rapper, suggesting that he wouldn’t be interested in someone who spits bars but doesn’t meet his physical expectations.

People also side-eyed what he meant by “pretty.”

While responding to him, Twitter users clowned Hitmaka over his history of getting robbed.

Additionally, they also brought up past abuse allegations against the star.

Asian Doll & LightSkinKeisha Chime In

Some noteworthy women in the rap game took the time to share their thoughts on the matter.

Without directly naming Hitmaka, Asian Doll questioned why men are “always worried” about what female rappers are discussing.

“N***as been rapping bout the same thing since rap was invented.. ladies rap for the ladies not for you n***as. We running s**t rn so let us be US.”

She humorously went on to add, “Even tho I don’t only rap about my p***y still Stfu.”

On the other end of the spectrum, however, LightSkinKeisha jumped to Hitmaka’s defense. She also alleged that fans themselves are part of the reason why the industry is so obsessed with attractiveness.

“How y’all mad at Hitmaka for saying he wants to work w/ a pretty female rapper? Let’s be real, y’all not supporting nothing that u don’t find attractive in some way! Cus if it’s a ‘ugly’ female rapper, y’all gone rip her to shreds and remind her she ugly every chance y’all get!”

At this point, we should note that—despite the controversy—Hitmaka was just glad to have gotten the conversation started.

Do you agree with the backlash, or do you personally understand his point?


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