Whew Chile! Things are definitely getting messy for Hitmaka, and the woman he allegedly pistol-whipped, as receipts are starting to come out!

As we previously reported, a woman claiming to be his girlfriend is alleging Hitmaka brutally pistol-whipped her could be a whole con artist! Following her allegations, Hitmaka came out to say that he was the victim of a home invasion, and is pointing the finger at his alleged boo.

Hitmaka’s legal team put out a statement, describing a situation in which the woman involved allegedly staged a fight with Hitmaka as a diversion to allow two men to break into his home.

Now, as things start to unfold, Hitmaka is letting all the receipts fly, including a statement from Talia Tilley, who says she is the victim of extreme emotional and physical pain after he allegedly pistol-whipped her.

“I want to respond to the allegations that are being made against me. They are completely false. at no time during the assault on me were the police ever called to his residence about any robbery or suspicious activity happening in his backyard. I have no and would never be a part of what I am being accused of. I was in fact the only person physically hurt and the only person that called the police that morning. I am an honest, decent woman from a military family,” Talia said in a statement.

In a post and delete, Hitmaka posted text messages, allegedly from the woman involved in the situation. According to him, sis is just looking for money, which proves that she was behind the alleged home invasion.

He also reposts a statement from her legal team, claiming she has suffered immensely due to the alleged incident.

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