H&M has found itself at the center of a social media debate once again.  The company received backlash after people were upset because they felt as though one of their model’s–a young black girl–hair wasn’t groomed.

People reacted furiously at H&M, tweeting their thoughts on the beautiful young lady’s natural hair.


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TSR STAFF: Brianne D! @beedev_ ______________________________________ #TSRReactionz: It looks like #H&M is back on the hit list of the black community, and this time it’s for a hairstyle. ______________________________________ H&M recently released its new line of fall sweaters and sweatshirts, featuring a diverse lineup of models. One model, a young black model, is featured in a sweatshirt but unlike the others, does not have their hair styled. Some feel the company purposely did not style the hair in order to appease the natural hair community, and some are blaming the parents. Regardless, it’s admirable and absolutely beautiful that this child is rocking that natural hair! ______________________________________ SWIPE to see what #Twitter had to say, and let us know your thoughts in the comments, #Roomies! 👀👇🏾 (📸: @hm )

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Today, H&M responded to a customer who tweeted them asking “who approved” the girl’s photo, adding “Y’all better stop playing with these black kids.”

H&M responded to the customer saying that they believe kids should be kids, adding that the kids were all photographed after school to capture their natural look.

Here is how other customers responded.