The Horror! Plane Wing Kills Mom & Teen Dies After Using Sunroof

Accidental Horror: Mom Killed By Plane Wing, Teen Slams Into Concrete Beam During Sunroof Use & Deer Falls Off Overpass

October typically inspires spooky and horror vibes ahead of Halloween. However, for two families and one driver, real life has already presented accidental moments straight out of a “Final Destination” film.

A mother of three died after an airplane wing hit her. A teenager passed away after his body hit a concrete beam, and a driver is recovering after a deer crashed through his windshield.

Keep reading to get the latest details on each case.

Oklahoma Mother Dies From Airplane Wing Accident

Samantha Hayes, 27, was an employee of the Broken Bow’s Parks Department. On Friday (Sept. 29) afternoon, she was operating a lawnmower at the southeastern city’s small airport, per NBC News.

Simultaneously, James Baxter — who was operating a small plane — had landed on the airport’s 3,200-foot runway. The 70-year-old then spotted Samantha and allegedly tried to pull up the plane to avoid hitting her. However, it was too late, and the plane’s wing struck the mother of three in the head. She died at the scene from her head injury. Baxter was unharmed.

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It’s unclear if the pilot will face any criminal charges, but NBC News and PEOPLE report that an investigation is underway.

“It’s critical that we determine how this accident occurred so we can take steps to prevent something like this from happening again. Our goal is to return every employee home safely every day,” City Manager Vickie Patterson said.

Multiple Facebook posts detail Samantha’s deep love for her children and her “sweet, beautiful soul” following the horror.

Teen Dies After Hitting Concrete Beam While Using Sunroof

Miles away and one day before, another horror story took place. An 18-year-old male, who has not been named, died after he struck a concrete beam in Canada on Thursday (Sept. 28).

According to a statement from Edmonton Police Service (EPS), the teen was a passenger in a Toyota Camry sedan with a 17-year-old male driver and a 15-year-old female passenger. The small group was driving through the parking garage of West Edmonton Mall when the 18-year-old stood up through the sunroof.

Unfortunately, the sedan was passing underneath a ramp and the teen’s upright body smacked into a concrete beam. The extent of his injuries after hitting the beam remains unclear. However, EMS professionals treated him before transporting him to a hospital. Once there, he later passed away from his injuries.

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The driver and female passenger did not sustain any injuries, per the police statement. EPS Major Collison Investiagtions Section is investigating the horror accident. At this time, officials do not believe speed or impairment caused the crash. It’s unclear if any charges will be filed.

Deer Crashes Through Car Windshield After Falling Off Overpass

A driver in New Jersey is recovering after also experiencing a scene from a horror movie. On Wednesday (Sept. 27), a deer died after leaping or falling (that part remains unclear) from the Route 3 overpass.

The accident occurred just before 8 a.m. local time, per ABC7NY. After the deer crashed through a passing vehicle’s windshield, the impacted driver slammed into a concrete barrier, causing a ripple of other crashes.

Despite the deer landing in his lap, the driver only sustained minor injuries. The deer, however, did not survive.

Jasper Cordero was driving behind the impacted driver, who was headed southbound on Route 21. Cordero described the scene to NBC New York, adding that the deer wasn’t discovered as the crash’s cause until after they pulled the driver out.

“Our vehicles stop. I’m facing him, the driver, and he’s looking out the window. And all I see is this green stuff all over his body. I thought it was a Starbucks matcha tea or something and he spilled on himself. But that’s not the case and I also noticed some blood. I wasn’t hurt, I was able to get out of my car. He was traumatic, not sure what had happened. He kept saying he thinks he hit something, he wasn’t sure,” Cordero said.

He added:

“We started helping him wipe off, call the police. And when we backed my vehicle away and actually finally opened the door, a full-on deer was sitting underneath his steering wheel shaft,” Jasper said.

The size and age of the animal remains unclear. Police also have not indicated whether the driver will face any criminal charges for the accident.

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