Houston Music Mogul J Prince Issues A Warning To NBA YoungBoy: ‘You’re Not A Friend Or Enemy Today. Let’s Keep It That Way’

Houston Music Mogul J Prince Issues A Warning To NBA YoungBoy: ‘You’re Not A Friend Or Enemy Today. Let’s Keep It That Way’

Man, 2020 just keeps throwing us curveballs. Who knew that one of this year’s rap beefs would be between 20-year-old NBA YoungBoy and 55-year-old Houston music mogul J Prince?

If you’re wondering why these two are at odds right now, allow us to explain.

YoungBoy is currently a resident of Houston, though he did grow up just a state over in Louisiana. 

J Prince, who is considered by many as a gatekeeper to Houston, is credited with promoting Houston’s rap scene through his Rap-A-Lot records for the past few decades.

Well, apparently NBA YoungBoy’s Houston home was allegedly burglarized and items such as multiple sets of car keys to YoungBoy’s various vehicles were allegedly stolen.

J Prince, who is known for being tapped into the community, uploaded a video Saturday sharing the news that someone broke into NBA YoungBoy’s home and said he received a call about the alleged break-in.

J Prince then said the “lil homies” who went into NBA YoungBoy’s home wanted to make it right because they understand that YoungBoy’s family is “OK with me.” Prince shared in the video that he was able to retrieve the stolen items and that they were ready for pickup whenever YoungBoy was ready.

In response, YoungBoy went on a 30-second, profanity-laced rant explaining that if anyone had anything for him, they could contact him directly instead of taking things to social media.

“it’s plenty of ways you can get in touch with me,” NBA YoungBoy said. “Man, don’t get on no internet and do nothing publicly.”

“And I’m good on them keys, gangsta. When you buy s**t cash, two keys come with the car anyway. Mind yo f***ing business,” he said in what seemed like a direct shot at J Prince.

On Tuesday, J Prince issued a warning to NBA YoungBoy following his video, referring to him several times as “dumb boy.”

“I see you mistook my kindness for weakness, ‘cause you’re a dumb boy with limited thinking ability and disrespectful,” J Prince said.

J Prince said that while he’s still on good terms with YoungBoy’s brother, he told YoungBoy to not get on his bad side.

“You’re not a friend or enemy today. Let’s keep it that way, no matter how hot it gets in Texas. By the way, I’m minding my business, you just too dumb to know Texas is my business and I will give you whatever you ask for, good or bad.”

YoungBoy had yet to respond as of Tuesday afternoon but let’s hope this turns into an opportunity of mentorship instead of a full-on rap beef. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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