How Fans Are Honoring Young Dolph On The 1-Year Anniversary Of His Passing

How Fans Are Honoring Young Dolph On The 1-Year Anniversary Of His Passing

Young Dolph was tragically gunned down in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, one year ago today, and people from all over are paying tribute to the “RNB” rapper on what has become known as “Dolph Day.”

November 17, 2021

During a trip to a local cookie shop, Young Dolph sustained 22 gunshot wounds before passing away, according to his autopsy report.

The tragedy left the hip-hop community in shock, and Memphis residents mourned the loss, particularly since Young Dolph was widely known for helping out the local community, PBS reports.

People Pay Homage To Dolph

With his death anniversary upon us, many expressed their disbelief over the fact that it’s already been one whole year since Dolph was killed.

Some declared that they’ll be bumping Young Dolph’s discography all day.

Others encouraged fans to honor his memory by being a positive influence on people.

A “Young Dolph super fan” also notably chose to pay tribute by building an arcade game in his honor.

We should add that Gucci Mane recently name-dropped the prolific wordsmith in “Letter to Takeoff,” in which he suggested that he struggled to cope with the Memphis native’s passing.

“I tried to drown the pain away by drinking pints of lean/ Until I woke up in the hospital, it wasn’t a dream/ It’s hard to not think about Dolph, his son, and little girl/ And I think about the life I’m ’bout bring in the world,” he raps.

Dolph Day Of Service

On top of the late rapper receiving mad love from fans and associates, he was also notably honored through the kickoff of “Dolph Day of Service.”

According to FOX13 Memphis, the initiative is being led by Paper Route Empire (P.R.E.) and the IdaMae Foundation—the record label and charity that Young Dolph founded, respectively.

Through the Dolph Day of Service, communities in Memphis, Atlanta, and other cities across the nation will get the chance to receive useful resources, including free haircuts, food, and cold-weather kits.

Mia Jaye Recently Reflected On The Rapper’s Death

It’s also worth noting that Mia Jaye, Young Dolph’s partner, spoke on his passing just last week.

In an emotional video uploaded to Instagram, Mia alluded to some of the challenges she’s had to face in the wake of the rapper’s death.

“This almost year has been the most challenging year I’ve ever had to face in my life. And it’s like the closer I get to this year-mark…it’s like trying to be positive about something so messed up, it comes to a breaking point to where it’s really just unfair,” she shared.


We continue to send our condolences and prayers to Young Dolph’s family.


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