TSR Celebrity Look-A-likes or nah? Have y’all ever been mistaken for someone else #Roommates? Apparently people thought this photo of Kim Kardashian and Lala was a picture of Kim and Jordyn Woods.


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💕 love her so much! @lala

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Now IONO if it’s people just being ignorant, or if people actually see a resemblance between the two. Kimberly posted a photo of her and Lala captioning it “love her so much! @lala”. With Lala being a whole business woman who has been in this game even longer than Kim—and Jordyn—ION understand the confusion.

Fans started to comment things like “whew chile almost dropped my phone thinking it was Jordyn”, and “omg you almost gave me a heart attack…I thought that was Jordyn”

In case you were wondering, this is Lala:


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This is Jordyn…