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I Know All About Future And The Mother Of His Alleged 8th Child!


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Dear Shaderoom,

Y’all need to know what’s really going on with Future and his BMs! Y’all posted about when Eliza (baby mama #7) put Cindy on her IG story but the real tea is I know Cindy and she’s another one of his baby mamas. Her son looks just like him!

So basically, they’ve been messing with each other since 2015. He even gave her that same ring he gave Drake, that OVOFBG ring when they put out that mixtape together. But I’m coming to y’all because people need to know Future is doggin’ this poor girl out. The way he talks to her isn’t right and he told her he’d never be the father of her child because he refuses to have “a baby by a Mexican.” The whole thing is just crazy.


I got screen shots & all! The baby even has his last name, Legend Ary Wilburn. She initially wanted to name him Khalik, but Future said the name sounded like a ‘terrorist name’ and wanted to name the baby ‘Seven’ instead, because at the time that would have been his 7th child. Where they do that at?! Anyway I had to tell y’all what the real tea is Shaderoom!


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