Sis Better Be Turning Everyday Items Into Fashionable Accessories!

I See You! Sis Better Be Turning Everyday Items Into Fashionable Accessories! (Fashion)

You better show out! When it comes to fashion, the gworls have been cuttin’ up! However, one young lady has been creating one-of-a-kind looks that have folks online in a chokehold. Best believe you’ve seen 23-year-old Jada online with her unique ‘fits! Jada has been going viral for her unique style and accessories that you would never expect to see in that manner.

Recently, Jada’s pictures have been all over the innanet. You might wonder what’s so special about her style, well I’d say it’s because it’s the unexpected. Sis recently paired a grey two-piece set with a clear glass table as her accessory. Basically stating that she is the table. I know that’s right! Jada can dress up any two-piece set with all types of objects as accessories. Some of her other looks consist of a plastic gasoline can, bag of Ruffles chips, Hidden Valley ranch dressing, that appeared as bags. However, it’s her carrying a 24 pack of Aquafina water bottles with her blue two-piece set with Jordan’s that really impressed me.


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We reached out to the Richmond, CA native to figure out how she creates looks that have gone viral. “A lot of my looks are inspired by music. I like to create looks based on metaphors,” Jada explained exclusively to TSR. We asked Jada how long it takes to think of the looks, to which she replied, “Some of the looks I put together take less than a week, others may take up to months,” she responded. Now the Aquafina look really had us stunned, so we had to get the tea on that one! “The water was a quick look I created which only took a couple of days,” Jada said.

Before ending our conversation with the fashionista, she left some tips about dealing with the opinions of others online stating, “I try not to read comments as much but when I do I reply to all positive ones and not let the negative ones get me off track.” Jada left one last word of advice to up-and-coming content creators adding, “The advice I have for other content creators who might be afraid to put themselves out there is that everyone has their own life to live. Don’t be afraid to take risks and it’s completely okay to be different! Always make sure the man in the mirror is happy!”

We’re looking forward to seeing the next looks you put out! Go, Jada!

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