Roommates as you make plans to be away from home for the holidays, please make sure you’re taking additional safety precautions! Cause ’tis the season to burglarize! Unfortunately Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti learned this lesson the hard way after their Atlanta home was reportedly hit this week!

According to TMZ the couples rental home in Atlanta was the mark for a thief to run off with a hefty bag! Apparently the burglar reportedly stole almost $400k worth of jewelry. Sources close to the couple  said

the suspect took things like chains, pendants, watches, earrings, and even a diamond engagement ring! There’s no word on if the couple is engaged or if Playboi Carti was planning to pop the question…

The scariest thing about this is Iggy was reportedly home while all of this went down! She apparently heard footsteps in the house and that’s when she became alarmed. It seems she left the backdoor open so that Playboi Carti could slip in when he got home, unfortunately the burglar entered through the backdoor instead. Security footage caught the burglar entering and leaving with a bag in hand.

Thankfully Iggy and Playboi Carti are okay and that’s all that matters. But definitely take extra precautions as you being to travel for the holiday season Roommates!