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IHOP Announces New Pancake Cereal “Panflakes”

#Roommates, as our quarantine snacking has no doubt increased to almost embarrassing levels—here comes another snack contender to potentially add to your list. Popular breakfast chain IHOP has just announced the upcoming release of its new pancake cereal, in its latest effort to dominate the breakfast arena.

According to @Delish, following the rise homemade pancake cereal videos on Tik Tok, breakfast restaurant leader IHOP has officially granted many fans’ wishes and is now introducing the real thing. On its Twitter account, IHOP decided to take the mysterious route by posting a photo of a cereal box with the name “Panflakes” on it.

In the caption of the tweet, IHOP wrote, “Here’s a little taste of something we’re working on. Stay tuned for more.” Meanwhile, on the cereal box itself, it says that “panflakes” will be limited-edition and feature small pancakes that are syrupy and crunchy. The mini pancake imagery continues on the side of the box with tons of milk flowing.

If you’re wondering when IHOP plans to drop its intriguing new cereal, well you have to continue to stay tuned. The company did not include a release date in its tweet, but did state that it’s coming. IHOP is teasing when it drops, saying only to “hold onto your pancakes and check back soon.”

Many fans are now questioning if IHOP was behind the viral Tik Tok videos all along as a way to promote the upcoming cereal debut. Either way, based on the response on social media following the news, IHOP may have a hit on its hands once the product drops.


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