Instagram Introduces New Feature That Allows Users To Organize Their Feeds Into 'Following' And 'Favorites'

Instagram Introduces New Feature That Allows Users To Organize Their Feeds Into ‘Following’ And ‘Favorites’

Folks have been chit-chatting about how their Instagram feeds show up for a hot lil’ minute. Well, looks like the platform took some notes! On Wednesday, Instagram plans to introduce two new ways to catch up on your feed. According to a press release by the company, the app will now offer users the choice to organize their feeds by ‘following’ and ‘favorites.’

Control Ya Own Feed

Basically, the new function allows you to have more control over what you’re seeing on your feed. The change is inspired by the variety of users on the app, who may be using their feeds differently, including the discovery of “new creators in suggested posts” or keeping tabs on family and friends.

“We want people to feel good about the time they spend on Instagram, by giving them ways to shape their experience into what’s best for them,” the press release said.

The new tools will be available on the feed tab. Users will be able to tap the word ‘Instagram’ located at the top, right corner of the screen. A tap will launch a short tab with the choices ‘following’ and ‘favorites.’

“Following shows you posts from the people you follow in the order they were shared,” the release said. “Favorites shows you the latest posts from a list of specific accounts that you choose, like those from your best friends and favorite creators.”

Your Favorites List 

Favorites will allow users to create a list of up to 50 people. Similar to ‘close friends’ on Instagram Story, your favorites feed list can be changed and updated at any time. And Instagram won’t blow up your spot when you decide to make adjustments to your list. This means the added or removed users won’t be notified when and if any changes happen. As the name indicates, posts by users classified under favorites will “show up higher in your home feed.”

All posts, regardless of the feed option chosen, will be displayed in reverse chronological order. This means the feed will always begin with the latest post made.  According to Instagram’s release, their research shows their making a step in the most engaging direction.

“We know from research that people have a better experience on Instagram with a ranked feed, so we won’t be defaulting people into a chronological feed,” the release said.


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