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Instagram Releases Statement About ‘Nah He Tweakin’ Spam Comments

If you’ve been on social media today, you’ve probably seen the phrase, ‘Nah he tweakin,’ take over the Instagram platform. For the last few hours, multiple pages have been spammed with the phrase and no one is quite sure why.

Moments ago, Instagram just released a statement, letting everyone know that they’re looking into the glitch. On their official communications Twitter account, Instagram Comms, they wrote, “Yeah we tweakin, but only a little bit. We’re aware that some people are having issues loading their comments (we’re fixing that) and that some are seeing a bunch of comments saying “nah he tweakin” (what is that?). More soon!”

A commenter responded to the statement and said, “was literally bout to [lose] my mind.”  Another person said, “a little bit? it’s alway something every week.” Another person asked, “What’s that all about?”

As for the word “tweakin” and it’s meaning, according to the Urban Dictionary, “When someone bugs out (over does it in reacting) or is against whatever someone says, when someone says or does something so off the wall they look our sound stupid.”

Roomies, which city created the term? A few are saying Chicago, some are saying it originated up north, and a handful or Roomies are giving credit to New Orleans?

Roomies, what y’all say?


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