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It’s About Time! Scotland Becomes The First Country To Make Menstrual Products Free By Law

Having to experience a menstrual cycle is not something us ladies asked for at birth, so we definitely are not thrilled about having to pay for the products we need to take care of ourselves. Now y’all know the United States is usually late to the party, but it looks like Scotland is the first country to take heed to the conversation regarding feminine products.

According to CBS News, Scotland has just passed a bill making menstrual products free in public facilities around the country. Under the bill, the Scottish Government is required to set up a system that can ensure that women have period products without having to pay for them, especially in places that have public restrooms like schools and restaurants.

The bill was introduced by Monica Lennon, a member of the Scottish Parliament. After the bill was passed on Tuesday, she tweeted it was “about bloody time.”

Lennon sent a document to parliament back in 2017, in which she explained the impact of the rising levels of poverty on women in the U.K. She said the rising levels of poverty were forcing women to choose between buying food or menstrual products.

“Despite the fact that a pack of sanitary pads can be found in most supermarkets for a couple of pounds and might not seem like a huge expense–when you have no or very little income, it can be insurmountable,” she said.

While Scotland is the first country to make such a large change, Britain is also taking steps to make period products more accessible. Britain’s central government announced that it will not longer have a 5% tax on sanitary products beginning in January 2021.

Do y’all think the United States could get on board with something like this, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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