Jania Meshell & Dejounte Murray Are Expecting A Baby Girl!

It’s Confirmed! Jania Meshell & Dejounte Murray Are Expecting A Baby Girl

Atlanta Hawks athlete Dejounte Murray and Jania Meshell, the mother of one of NBA YoungBoy‘s many children, have confirmed that they’re preparing to welcome a baby!

The news came through Instagram on Tuesday, and the post’s caption revealed that the couple is having a daughter, who was referred to as “Princess Murray.” Additionally, the baby is due in April, so Jania’s preparing to head into the third trimester of her pregnancy.

On top of her post, she also shared a video from her gender reveal party to her Instagram Story.

Jania Was ‘Hurt’ About Furly Allegedly Exposing Her Pregnancy

Shortly after making her Instagram announcement, Jania took to Twitter to further speak on the situation. She explained that she discovered she was pregnant back in August, and Jania also shared that “it really hurt” that she “wasn’t able to announce [her] pregnancy first.”

For context, Jania’s former friend Furly is accused of leaking the pregnancy news on Instagram Live back in October.

Fans Have Long Speculated That Jania Was Pregnant: ‘It’s The Baby Bump For Me’

We should also point out that, over on Instagram, Jania being pregnant has been steady gossip for quite some time now. If you check out the comments beneath a few recent posts, you can see people buzzing with speculation on the matter.

“It’s the baby bump for me,” one user wrote beneath a photo uploaded on Christmas Day.

Under another Christmastime upload, someone told Jania to “keep posting pics and slay this pregnancy!”

Fans were even hitting Jania with the pregnancy allegations back in October, as some believed she was “Giving pregnant for some reason.”

This time, it looks like the speculation was right on the nose. However, this hasn’t always been the case.

Devin Haney Got Messy & Jumpstarted Pregnancy Rumors Back In The Day

Throwing it back to May 2021, Jania had to shut down pregnancy rumors that were sparked by boxer Devin Haney, her ex-boyfriend.

As The Shade Room previously reported, the matter began with a social media back-and-forth, which began after Jania shared that she was “Single 4Life.” Eventually, Haney pulled posted an unflattering photo that caused some to believe she was pregnant.

However, Jania shut the matter down by sharing that she was merely “bloated” at the time.

Congratulations to Jania Meshell and Dejounte Murray!


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