Teaching is such an important profession, #Roomies! These are the people who help shape the future of this country!

And now we have #TeacherAppreciationWeek to show love to all the dedicated educators out there working to make a better tomorrow. While we can’t fit all of the amazing teachers all over into this post, we hope that you ALL feel the love from this!

We’re grateful for these #TeacherBaes and all the other Teacher Baes out there for doing what they do! Tag your favorite Teacher Bae, Roommates!

Ms. Champion, 1st Grade

“I love seeing my kids grow every year. Teaching is not my job, it is my passion.”

Darius Kelley, 4th Grade

“I love working with kids so much that I’ve started a mentoring program to uplift minority youth voices through leadership, academics, and sports.”

Adam E. Smith, Elementary Education

“I’m passionate about math learning, achievement, and success of Black students, and strive to improve access to success and representation of mathematicians for Black people.”

BJ Williams, Substitute Teacher

“I love teaching because there’s never a dull moment.”

Meyah, Elementary Education

“I teach elementary school children STEM aspects. Behind the scenes, I’m working toward the launch of my fitness business inspiring and helping women to naturally build their dream body.”

Donavan Tracey, Principal in Residence

“This is truly my life’s purpose. The ability to influence students of color to become the next generation of doctors, lawyers, engineers, politicians, and teachers is my higher calling.”

Alfred Shivy Brooks, High School Economics and Government

“BET 106 and Park Freestyle Friday Hall of Famer turned Hip-Hop educator”

Keishon Ireland, 5th Grade

“I love teaching because I can positively influence our leaders of the future and teach them better than what our history has showed them.”

Shari Watt, 1st Grade

“I’m a firm believer that representation matters and when I’m not teaching, I’m writing books and curriculum to inspire children of color.”