It's The Principle! Shonda Rhimes Reveals The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back With ABC-A $154 Disneyland Ticket - The Shade Room

It’s The Principle! Shonda Rhimes Reveals The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back With ABC–A $154 Disneyland Ticket

Chile, if it’s one thang Black women have learned to do, that’s know our worth and add tax. Showrunner Shonda Rhimes has been successful in doing so.

The showrunner virtually ushered the Black audience into the living room of ABC. With shows like ‘Scandal’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, and 70 hours of annual television in 256 territories, she had us hooked like a fish on a line. She’s finally ready to open up about her 2017 departure from the network.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Shonda revealed that while she felt “Like I’d been pushing the same ball up the same hill in the exact same way for a really long time,” the reason she left ABC after 15 years didn’t have anything to do with contract negotiations or any issue in a writer’s room. It was about a Disneyland ticket and the principle behind it.

Rhimes shared that in 2017, she asked for an additional all-inclusive pass to Disneyland (one of her perks for working at the network), for her sister. She received some push back and was told, “We never do this.” She eventually got the pass but it didn’t work once her sister and the children arrived at the park.

She made a call to a higher-exec at the company and he allegedly asked, “Don’t you have enough?” Rhimes told THR. Rhimes knew it was over with. She hung up the phone and called her lawyer with a simple directive: She was going to move to Netflix, and she’d “find new representatives” if that couldn’t be accomplished, THR reports.

Voila! Shonda Rhimes reportedly inked a $300+ million deal at Netflix!

If “It’s about the principle,” was a person…





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