#Roommates, #LilPump took a trip all the way to North Carolina to join #JCole in his recording studio he calls #TheSheltuh. In the interview that’s a little under an hour, both J.Cole and Lil Pump address their recent internet “beef” and speak about their initial impressions of each other.

In the sit down J.Cole admits to Lil Pump’s face that he wasn’t sure if he was smart, but then later states he now knows Lil Pump is smarter than what people perceive him to be, saying: “After watching your videos, I was like this kid is smart. I wasn’t sure at first. But after watching more of your videos, I was like he knows more than what people think he does.”

It’s no secret on J.Cole’s song #1985 takes aim at new rappers who are taking advantage of their trendiness and not thinking about their legacy. Many fans thought his song was a direct shot at #LilPump, a topic that was also addressed in the interview. You’d be surprised to hear some of Pump’s reactions to J.Cole’s questions.

Catch the full interview on Youtube #Roommates!

Watch the full interview at /www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNlQU-7y9Fo

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNlQU-7y9Fo

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