Of all the crimes to be accused of, #Roomies, this one’s pretty silly. The #NYPD is reportedly investigating #JRSmith for allegedly stealing a cell phone from a fan and then throwing it into a construction site.

This happened early Sunday morning outside a club in #Chelsea, according to TMZ. The fan tried to take a pic with J.R. outside the club and he allegedly turned the fan down but the fan took one anyway.

J.R. allegedly lost his cool and snatched the phone out of dude’s hand before chucking it into a nearby construction zone. The man claims his phone is worth $800 and was damaged when that happened. J.R. hasn’t been charged with a crime but cops do want to speak with him about the incident.

There’s no official word on the issue from J.R.’s camp but we’ll keep ya’ll posted on any updates.


TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh

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