Chile, Ja Rule is having a rough time on social media these days—and it all stems from his opinions that leave him wide open to be endlessly dragged. The latest incident involves Ja questioning the real meaning of the N-word and as you can imagine, it didn’t go well.

Earlier this week, Ja Rule found himself on the wrong side of social media when he harshly criticized black people for going to extremes over the hugely popular Popeyes chicken sandwich, which recently saw a man stabbed to death after a confrontation of cutting in line. While everyone agreed that resorting to violence over a chicken sandwich is ridiculous, many on social media took issue with the way he was critiquing black people…especially considering his Fyre Festival debacle.

Fast forward to the present, and Ja has found himself in the middle of another online controversy before the first one had time to settle down. After clearly moving on from the Popeyes chicken sandwich issue, he decided to direct his attention to what the N-word actually means—due to his claims that he recently discovered some contradicting information surrounding the racial slur.

In a series of tweets, Ja asked the following questions:

“Wow I just learned something that blew my mind my whole life I was taught the word Nigger didn’t mean black it meant ignorance but I just looked it up and it’s always meant black smh tell the kids the truth. I’m so confused I need my history majors on this if the word nigger just means black how did it become a derogatory term??? Is anyone else confused by this??? I was taught the word nigger meant ignorant now I look it up it says it means black…”

Unfortunately for him, his questions didn’t spark the healthy debate he was likely hoping for, as he was once again accused of being ignorant to the culture and bashing his own race.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?