Jackboy Says He's "Rocking With" Asian Doll (Video)

Jackboy Says He’s “Rocking With” Asian Doll (Video)

Jackboy and Asian Doll have been all googly eyed on social media, and it looks like the two will definitely spend cuffing season together.

In an interview with Wild 94.1, Jackboy confirmed that he was “rocking with” Asian Doll. While discussing having kids, he was asked about their relationship status.

Saying, “They’ll be beautiful chocolate babies,” when asking about Asian Doll, the host followed up with, “Are you guys in love?” 


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After letting out a hearty laugh, Jackboy replied and stated, “Love…that’s a super duper word right there. I don’t like to play with my love. But I’m rocking with her, she cool. But love that’s a strong, strong word.”

As previously mentioned, the two were flirting on social media. Asian Doll posted a video and asked, “Y’all how old I look?” He responded and stated, “the age that would send n***a to jail who try & talk to you.”

At another moment, Asian Doll posted she missed Jackboy on Twitter. She wrote, “I miss jack boy[.] I use to tell him everything[.] that’s my boy real stand up guy[.]” Asian Doll stated, “When y’all see me with my Boyfriend in a couple of days mind your business[.]”

She then added, “I really got a bf tho fr[.]”


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