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Jacquees Releases A Snippet Of His “Track Star” Remix! (Video)

Y’all King of R&B is back, Roomies! Y’all know Jacquees is known for putting his signature eEeEeEeE on the most popular remixes, but we haven’t heard anything from him in some time. Well, he hit us with something new on Wednesday night.

Jacquees released a snippet to one of the hottest songs out right now–Mooskie’s “Track Star”, and y’all know he had to give y’all a little visual to go along with it!

She a model she love the cameras, she know how to act need a cinema. Get on Instagram to check her temper, she claim she ain’t f*ckin; with me, draggin’ my name in the streets,” Quees sang.

He continued to sing about a girl that he spent money on, did the most for, and sis tried to flex on him!

We know y’all haven’t forgotten about Jacquees’ previous issue with Ella Mai and DJ Mustard after he remixed Ella’s “Trip“, and the song was doing numbers! Back in 2018, Jacquees’ version of the song was removed from all platforms.

Shortly after, Ella’s label made a statement about Jacquees allegedly trying to monetize off of the remix, which Ella said had no part of.

“I don’t play any role,” Ella previously said on Ebro in The Morning. “My label made a statement…I don’t want people to think different than the actual situation is. People don’t really know the real ins and outs of the industry. When it comes to someone trying to monetize, then it becomes a different issue on the label side.”

Regardless, it seems. those issues are in the past and Jacquees is back to give y’all some more tunes! Are y’all here for it, Roomies? View the full snippet here:

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