Jacquees Surprises North Carolina Bride At Wedding Vow Renewal

Jacquees Surprises North Carolina Bride At Wedding Vow Renewal Celebration (Video)

Nothing compares to the love a husband has for his wife! If you’re like me, you probably love a good Black love story! When it comes to highlighting Black love, it is everywhere on social media! People love sharing their love stories and even their parents. Over the weekend, a Twitter user named Alley shared a now-viral video of ‘The King Of R&B’ Jacquees surprising her mother at her parents’ vow renewal ceremony in North Carolina. Alley tweeted, “My mama deserved all of this. She lovessss Jacquees and this song especially. My dad will do anything to make her smile. I will never settle for you, BUSTERS.” Jacquees responded to the tweet, writing, “Love,” with a heart emoji!

The North Carolina couple’s love story started when they were in the 8th grade! During the vow renewal, they brought out all their loved ones to celebrate 26 years of marriage, and it was lit! The bride looked gorgeous as she wore a white dress, and the groom wore a royal blue tuxedo with a yellow flower. Everyone looked good down to the bridesmaids, who also had on royal blue dresses with yellow flower bouquets.

Video captured the couple dancing and the bride’s shocked reaction as Jacquees stepped onto the dance floor and serenaded the attendees with his vocals singing K Camp’s song, “What’s on Your Mind,” which he is featured on.

The bride being shocked was EVERYTHING! She immediately started singing the song harder and throwing her hands in the air while she danced with the groom. Jacquees also performed his hit record, “Bed,” and all the attendees sang along. You could feel everyone’s excitement just by watching the videos!

Congrats to this couple! We wish ya’ll 20 plus more years of love and happiness!


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